10 Questions to Ask When Getting Your Logo Designed

Dean John

Dean John

10 Questions to Ask When Getting Your Logo Designed

Designing a logo is not as simple as scribbling something down and hoping the logo designer will add everything of its own. It can be possible, but if you want a compelling logo following your company’s needs, share details and ask questions for clarity. Having 75 percent of recognition, logos are the most prominent brand identifiers possessing 60 percent of artistic elements. Competent logo design services in the USA always begin by following a list of proper steps. 

For example, getting info about the business, its plans, aims, and objectives. It takes time and effort to incorporate the heart and soul of a brand in just a single image. Unfortunately, as a customer, you should ask several questions from the graphic designer. So, if this is your first time working with a professional designer, you might not know which questions to ask; that’s where this article can help.

  • How do you prefer to communicate? 

Communication is the key to a successful project! 

The first thing is to discuss the project details. And for that, effective communication is a must between the client and the project manager. It helps to understand a border aspect of a project. If you are a client, always try to communicate via Zoom meeting, WhatsApp, and Telegram for easier and undisrupted interaction. 

  • What do you need from us? 

The second most significant question is to ask the designer what requirements he needs before, during, and after designing the logos. 

  • What is your creative process? 

Designers have different habits and work patterns, varying from one person to another. To avoid having high expectations, inquire about how they intend to approach your logo design. If your designer is a night owl, for example, don’t anticipate handovers at the end of the day. It will help them to set the right timeline for a project. 

  • What is a realistic timeline for a logo designing project? 

The timings of the deliverables are one of the most typical sources of disagreement between designers and clients. Setting reasonable expectations from the outset will help you prevent future disappointments. Having appropriate timelines allows you to plan everything smoothly, for example, when to launch the logo in the marketplace. 

  • Are there any extra services included? 

As a client, you should not make assumptions about what you will get, instead, inquire more and more about all the services. Ask them about the revisions, faster turnaround, and complementary proposals. To make everything more clear to you. For example, some of the best logo design services in the USA offer a variety of logo design packages for startups, medium, and large-scale firms. Also, if you have any specific customized requests, you can simply ask the company to customize the packages. 

  • How is the issue of copyright handled? 

Before proceeding, ask who owns the logo design and has individual rights to it. It is preferable to resolve these difficulties as quickly as possible. You have the sole right to be using your logo design, change, and benefit from your original work. You have the option to license your work to others at any time. To protect your brand, try to register your company’s trademark

  • Can you show me some references? 

Hiring a freelancer, who is a stranger can be quite tricky since you cannot trust everyone when it comes to logo design. In such instances, you can ask for samples of published projects in the same industry. In this way, you will have some idea about the working style of the graphic designers. 

  • Will you be working on the project alone or with the team? 

Numerous graphic designers prefer working alone, but usually, when they are associated with an agency, they work with a team. So, for you, the best thing is to ask them. It is good to double-check everything before you hand your project to them. It will save you from stress and extra time. 


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For two reasons, getting strong and well-thought-out answers to all of the questions in this blog can assist you in getting a professional logo design. To begin, the information you will provide to the graphic designer and the details you will get will play a vital role in project completion.

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