The Importance of Colors When Designing a Logo

Dean John

Dean John

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The second most important decision after thinking about the crafting of logo design is choosing the right colors. The right logo design agency understands the importance of picking up the appropriate color scheme for a brand. Going for the wrong colors means negatively impacting your brand’s visual representation to your target audience. It takes just 60 to 90 seconds to leave a long-lasting memorable impression on the audience. 

Why do Colors Matter? 

Color influences the emotions evoked by a logo because individuals identify particular hues with specific emotions. For example, green color represents nature, peace, and health. These emotions may captivate your audience and help them remember your brand. So, before you choose the colors for your logo, consider the message you want it to communicate. Or you can hire services like Wow logo design to influence customers toward your products and services. 

So, let’s have a closer look at the brands and companies with the best color balancing scheme in their logo design. 

1. Fanta Soda Drink 

The logo design of Fanta changed through time, and the colors orange, blue, and green were initially used in 1994. Since then, these hues have established a separate brand’s identity among its competitors. However, the most recent logo was developed in 2016 using the exact same colors but with a strong typeface having an orange circle. The color combination fits perfectly well for the summer drink that represents energy and enthusiasm. 

Fanta Soda Drink

2. Barbie Doll 

The Barbie logo has a bright pink color. This distinctive hue was chosen primarily to lure young girls to the Barbie brand. The logo conveys a sense of playfulness and caprice with a typeface that resembles a child’s handwriting. Overall, the logo has changed multiple times but what remains consistent is the color scheme, i.e. pink with a blend of white. Since then, the color became quite popular due to its association with femininity. Undoubtedly, this association is the powerhouse of the brand’s success in all these years. 

Barbie Doll

3. Puma 

There is no explicit meaning in the logo design of the Puma sports manufacturing company. The logo features a big black cat (Panther) that symbolizes agility, potential skills, and elegancy. Rudolf Dassler, the company’s founder, believes that the brand represents an athlete’s movement. The Puma logo includes a black and white color combo, which gives it a natural sensation of warmth and produces a highly attractive but elegant image. The brand works emotionally to win the hearts of its target customers. 


4. National Geographic Channel 

The National Geographic logo is a square box in vibrant yellow. Next to it are the words ‘National Geographic’ in the sans serif, all upper case letters typography. The sun, which radiates everywhere across the universe, is represented by the golden color of the National Geographic logo. It represents the channel’s tremendous global appeal as a source of enormous strength and vitality. Similarly, your business, like National Geographic, can also have an unforgettable logo design when teaming up with an amazing logo design agency

National Geographic Channel

5. Spotify

The logo of Spotify is everywhere due to its audio streaming online across the world. In 2008,  the initial logo of Spotify was in solid green color in a rectangular shape. Later, the iconic logo was redesigned in 2015 with a green hue having slight changes. The color connotes equilibrium and peace, as well as a strong connection with nature. The new feature also includes large letters and seems nicer and more welcoming than the previous one, although being written in the same typeface.


6. Master Card 

The early logo of the master card has nothing to do with its current emblem, yet it is significant since it depicts the beginnings of this formidable firm. That is why the new design is easily recognizable by the people. Mastercard’s official colors are red, orange, and yellow indicating power, achievement, and joy. In 2019, the color palette was made more vibrant and eye-catchy to bring the brand closer to its target demographic which shows the modernizing influence of the brand with the blend of traditional aspects. 

Master Card

Hire Logo Design Agency and Get your Brand to the most Elegant Visual Representation! 

For ages, the use of colors in logo design is given much importance in the business world. To make your brand more recognizable to a large audience, you must pick the right color wheel for your logo. The process is not simple and easy, but when you contact Wow Logo Design Services, everything becomes effortless for your business. Get in touch with them today at +1 646 846 8596 and get aesthetically designed for your brand. 

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