What are Easter Egg Logos?

Dean John

Dean John

What are Easter Egg Logos?

Do you know that there are some hidden meanings behind the logo designs of numerous companies? And surprisingly you can also have such logos from the Wow Logo Design Services to attract the audience. Yes, you read it right. 

An Easter egg is a word used to indicate a hidden element, reference, or in-joke in a piece of all sorts of media. Originally, the word was coined to describe the search for a hidden feature in the Atari video game Adventure, since then Easter egg is used to refer to implicit meanings. 

That is why, today, many logo designers use this practice to add a layer of meaning to their work. It connects to the brand’s message for the audience to learn more about the firm.

So, are you curious to know the names of brands that are using such logo designs? Let’s find out how many companies are actually having Easter logo designs. 

1. The National Lottery 

The National Lottery is a licensed gambling company that allows customers to invest money and win prizes and gifts. However, when talking about its logo design, we can clearly observe fingers crossed with a finely crafted pair of egg-shaped eyes perfectly outlined with blue color.  The shape of the eyes is incredibly expressive signifying good fortune, blessings, and having a great time without saying it explicitly.  

The National Lottery

2. Museum of London 

The Museum of London is a British historical place known for its preservation of human history, culture, and art. The museum indeed is not just famous due to its architecture, gallery, and object trials but it is also strikingly notable for its unique colorful logo. The bright colors are multilayered, closely identical to the shape of a fried egg spreading all over the place. The pictorial layers give the reference to the geographical area of London. Undoubtedly, the logo is dynamic and grabs viewers’ attention in a jiff. 

Museum of London

3. Ready Player One 

Ready Player one is a successful box office hit movie released in the year 2018. The plot revolves around a series of enigmatic baffles that leads to the finding of the Easter Egg to turn the dystopian world into a utopia for the betterment of human existence. The logo of the movie is designed per the storyline based on the seeking for an Easter Egg having a hidden meaning of ownership or supremacy. The design of the logo is dazzled with elements evocative of an arcade game with an oval egg in the middle representing the finishing line. 

Ready Player One

4. The Toblerone Logo 

Toblerone is the name of a chocolate brand well-known for selling a distinctive combination of milk, honey, almonds, and of course, chocolate. The logo of the brand consists of golden mountains with a bear hidden in the snow referring to the origin of the chocolate from its native land. The idea behind the implicitness was to represent the family name and history through the logo design. It is certainly true that the logo of Toblerone is the perfect example of the Easter Egg logo design. 

The Toblerone Logo 

5. Tostitos Chips 

The design of Tostitos is quite simple but incorporates a well-informed hidden meaning. It is not easy for everyone to dig out the essence at once. The logo has lurking letters and it gives the imagery of two friends standing together and enjoying chips. In the middle of the name is a bowl of red salsa joining people. Symbolically, the logo indicates the sharing and togetherness of individuals that binds them through Tostitos chips. 

Tostitos Chips

6. Baskin Robins 

Baskin Robbins is one of the famous ice-cream shops interestingly known for having a large variety of flavors. The zig-zag letters with bright backgrounds show the playfulness and happy mood. Today, the logo resembles the number 31 since the brand consists of 31 flavors. The pink and blue color gives a refreshing sight to the customers and compels them to buy more and more. 

Tostitos Chips

Add Triumph To Your Logo Creativity With Wow Logo Design Services!

Making a creative logo is not a simple task as people usually think of it. Undoubtedly, it requires time, effort, and plenty of innovative ideas. To stand out artistically unique among the competitors, companies should seek out logo design services to leave a memorable impact on the target audience. 

To ease your search, we suggest you contact Wow Logo Design Services today. They have a team of creative professionals who can make the best Easter Egg logos for your brand. Give them a call at +1 646 846 8596. So, are you ready to increase your online visibility through aesthetically pleasing logo designs? 

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